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The Continuing Saga of Minnie Quay

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The Legacy of Time

Single Book, including shipping, handling and taxes $15.00

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      The Legacy of Time 





     Present day, Gabriella Francis awakens from a recurring drowning nightmare. She realizes the terrifying dream began after she visited her friend's property in Forester, Michigan.

     Nineteenth century, Cove Island Lighthouse. Suzanna McBeath cowers in a corner on her kitchen floor after another brutal beating from her husband. Feeling desperate to escape this violent and isolated life, she runs out into a raging snowstorm towards the shore, frantic to end her life.

     Gabriella's life is about to take a drastic turn when she is launched into an unexpected journey of paranormal occurrences, challenging her core beliefs and everything she thought she knew about her life. She is visited by a ghostly apparition powerful enough to have fractured the membrane of the spirit world, to manifest physically, and bring her clues. Over time these communications ultimately lead Gabriella to her true legacy.

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