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Dead Reckoning, A Great Lakes Love Story

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Forester Michigan, 1876, Minnie Quay plunges off the dock into the icy April waters of Lake Huron.  Her suicide is her salvation as she joins her lost love in the waters that took his life.  Over the decades witnesses describe seeing her ghostly apparition dressed in white hovering along the lake shore and hearing mournful cries from her spirit.

This epic tale takes place in 19th century Forester.  A town burgeoning with prosperity, as a result of a booming lumber industry.  Designated as a major port, schooners arrive daily exporting mass quantities of white pine.

Minnie Quay a fifteen-year-old girl searches for her place in this world after suffering through a youth marked by tragedy and death.  Lonely and misunderstood she meets a sailor and falls in love.  Her parents vehemently disapprove of her relationship with the sailor and forbid her to see him.

Throughout her life Minnie has experienced episodes that are confusing and terrifying.  She is able to feel and see things that will happen in the future.  Refusing to claim her clairvoyance she is convinced she is the cause of these tragic events.   

In the 1960s a girl vacationing in the area discovers a handwritten journal. Years later, she is compelled to tell the story and pieces together the events that led to Minnie Quay’s suicide.  What happened to this flourishing town? What misfortune steered Minnie toward suicide?  We know how the story ends.  Delve into the rich history of Forester to see how the story begins.

Customer Reviews

Great book and good read
July 20, 2016
Verified Purchase
The author does a wonderful job of weaving fact and fiction into a very compelling read. I highly recommend this book to anyone. I can't wait for the next one.

Great Read!!
July 5, 2015
Great story from a new author. Especially interesting knowing the background of the Quay family and their experiences in the history of Michigan's Thumb region. Looking forward to Ms. Dutcher's next novel.

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