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About Author, Denise M Dutcher

Denise M Dutcher resides with her husband near Forester, Michigan, on the picturesque shore of Lake Huron also referred to as the "Thumb Region."  She appeared on the Travel Channel series Dead Files, in February 2013.  The episode Never Alone, featured a family in Forester claiming to be haunted by Minnie Quay.

In her first novel, Dead Reckoning, A Great Lakes Love Story, Denise writes about the life of Minnie Quay and its tragic ending.

Living in the thumb of Michigan Denise finds herself steeped in a wealth of historical events that serve as inspiration for her writings.  There is more to the Minnie Quay story, which we'll delve into soon, with the release of the next book from this emerging author.

In addition to her next book in the Minnie Quay series, Dutcher has a new historical novel brewing.  We can't divulge too much right now; however, if you like historical fiction, this release will be right up your alley.

Denise M. Dutcher at the Ship Wreck Museum, NOAA Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary.  Photo by Sheila Dunbar.  Retouch by David Frechette.
Dead Reckoning, A Great Lakes Love Story

Forester Michigan, 1876, Minnie Quay plunges off the dock into the icy April waters of Lake Huron. Her suicide is her salvation as she joins her lost love in the waters that took his life. Over the decades witnesses describe seeing her ghostly apparition dressed in white hovering along the lake shore and hearing mournful cries from her spirit.

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